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Teaching Yoga at Jade Mountain Resort on St. Lucia
Teaching Yoga at Jade Mountain Resort

I was born an ordinary buddha. My deep compassion for people started at a young age – particularly for those who struggled in some way.

Early on, I studied Special Education at the undergraduate and graduate levels while working with children in classrooms and private settings. I experienced firsthand the joy of teaching – the little moments and the major breakthroughs. Despite its infinite rewards, teaching is demanding. I became increasingly interested in the physical and mental toll on teachers, something that isn’t often discussed. I made teacher stress the focus of my Masters research where I learned that stress leads to burnout causing many accomplished teachers to leave the field.

My extensive studies watered the seeds of transformation and healing within, setting me on a path to identify stressors in my own life. One evening I attended a free yoga class taught by an experienced teacher. I remember the moment in class when I realized that yoga was my antidote! Continued yoga practice and studies for 20 years have empowered me to deliver peace and power to thousands of individuals.

To this day, yoga is my foundation as I tutor and advocate for children, teach Vinyasa Krama yoga, host guided meditation groups, and provide support to laboring women as a doula. Every day I meet with happier, stronger, healthier, calmer, fearless and balanced men, women and children.

I am continually grateful for my teachers and students who guide and sustain me. If you’d like more information about my services, you can reach me at breathingyoga@gmail.com or 949.338.3793 or attend one of my upcoming classes / workshops or talks.  I’d love to hear from you.


Barbara MS, E-RYT 500

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