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I am passionate about my work as a doula! Forming relationships with women as they navigate through the most profound experience of their lives, lights up my life.

As a yoga teacher and a birth doula I marvel at the relationship between yoga and birth. This relationship is evident in the way a woman’s body and breath move to bring forth life. An intimacy develops between a woman, her body and those who are present as she births her baby. The combined support of a woman’s partner, a doula, and a competent, considerate and caring birthing team give a woman the best chance for a powerful and positive birth experience. As your doula I can think about your birth plan moment by moment when labor is intense and events are rapidly unfolding. Couples need the calm and steady presence of an advocate that will act in their best interests, such as asking for additional time or more information in order to make important decisions. My wish for you is to make your birth experience as rewarding and satisfying as possible.


  • DONA (Doulas of North America) Certified Birth Doula
  • Natural birth
  • Medically assisted birth
  • Cesarean birth
  • Hypnobirthing trained
  • High risk births in a hospital setting


  • Prenatal and postnatal meetings
  • Birth Plan Consultations
  • Hypnobirthing techniques support
  • Continuity of care throughout labor and birth
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Breathing instruction
  • 24-hour labor support
  • Pre-Natal and Post-Natal Yoga
  • Aromatherapy
  • Massage
  • Photography
  • Meditation instruction
  • Partner support
  • Nursing support
  • Advocacy and communication with medical staff

Insurance Coverage

The following is a partial list of insurance companies who have reimbursed in whole or in part for doula services. (If your insurance company isn’t listed, it’s still worth attempting reimbursement. This list was first published in 1998, so policies may have changed.)

•    Aetna Healthcare
    •    AltPro
    •    Baylor Health Care System/WEB TPA
    •    Blue Cross/Blue Shield
    •    Blue Cross/Blue Shield PPO
    •    Cigna
    •    Degussa, a German Chemical Company
    •    Elmcare, LLC, C/O North American Medical Management
    •    Foundation for Medical Care
    •    Fortis Insurance
    •    Glencare Managed Health, Inc.
    •    Great-West Life & Annunity Ins. Co.
    •    HNTB (Peoria, IL)
    •    Houston New England Financial, Employee Benefits (Fort Scott, KS)
    •    Humana Employers Health
    •    Lutheran General Physician’s Organization
    •    Maritime Life
    •    Medical Mutual
    •    Oschner HMO, Louisiana
    •    Professional Benefits Administrators
    •    Prudential Healthcare
    •    Qualchoice
    •    Summit Management Services, Inc.
    •    Travelers
    •    United HealthCare of Georgia (San Antonio, TX)
    •    United Health POS
    •    Wausau Benefits, Inc.


I chose Barbara as my doula specifically to help with my needle phobia. Not only is she familiar with hybnobirthing and rebozo techniques, she has many specialty skills aimed at keeping anxiety at bay. Those techniques were especially helpful for me during the induction process when I had to endure many more needles than I was comfortable with. All the techniques we had practced during our prenatal visits were crucial in keeping me calm during that time. Unfortunately, Barbara came down with the flu and wasn’t able to make it to the delivery. However, she let us know in a timely manner and did all the leg work necessary to make sure we had a great experience with her back-up doula, just as she had outlined in her contract and discussed during our first meeting.

I’d highly recommend Barbara as a doula for anyone struggling with anxiety or just looking for a very calm, peaceful presence during their labor and delivery.

Sunnie Scarpa

I was not initially sure if I wanted a doula, but I am so happy that I decided to contact Barbara during my third trimester. She was an incredible support for both me and my husband, before and during labor. She lent us helpful books and taught us several exercises to help with fetal positioning. When I was in early labor, she provided guidance over the phone and helped us stay relaxed until we were sure it was time to go to the hospital. Barbara has a naturally calming presence about her. She reminded me of the hypnobirthing strategies I had learned and practiced. She and my husband were able to work together seamlessly to make sure I had what I needed and was as comfortable as possible throughout labor and delivery. Barbara also took some beautiful, priceless photographs for us immediately after the birth of our son. I would strongly recommend her services to anyone looking for the support of a birth doula.

Suman Minnick

I contacted Barbara a little late in the game for my third pregnancy simply because I wasn’t entirely sure what a doula was or if I wanted one. I am so glad that I did! Barbara was very accommodating before the birth to make sure we had enough time to go through details in preparation for labor. I immediately felt that I was in good hands which also made me feel more confident about giving birth. During labor Barbara was an incredible help and I do not know how I would have coped without her. She is calm, intuitive and knowledgeable. Thanks to Barbara’s help and support I was able to achieve my goal of giving birth without drugs. This was also my easiest recovery. I would highly recommend Barbara.

Rebecca B.

 We had a truly wonderful experience with Barbara with the birth of our first child, Meara, recently. Not only is Barbara very patient and calm but she is incredibly knowledgeable and was immensely helpful in preparing me for what to expect with childbirth. I knew I needed extra support along side of my husband and Barbara was perfect. She is the consummate professional. Her background in Yoga is also very helpful in labor. I feel incredibly fortunate to have found Barbara and that she was available when we needed her. I highly recommend Barbara to anyone looking for doula services. You won’t be disappointed! If we do have another child, Barbara will be my first call.

RoseMarie Rao

“Like any first-time mom, I took classes, read all the books and blogs, did countless hours of research, and pestered my caregiver with a million questions. All the advice pointed to the need of having a doula. I hadn’t ever thought of one, but since it came so highly recommended, I started looking into it. It was the best decision I made. I spoke with several before I came across Barbara, and she was everything I knew I would want in the delivery room. She had such a soothing and calm presence, but the thing that convinced me she was “the one” was that whenever she spoke about her experiences helping couples, or discussing any birth and pregnancy matters, she lit up and this passion was so obvious. She ended up being so much more than I expected. She met us during late hours after work, and she read that one of my concerns was breastfeeding, and she came to our meeting with several books for me to borrow on the subject. She checked in regularly. When my water broke, she checked in, gave me words of wisdom, and waited for the moment when I would need her. When she arrived to the hospital, she was calm, collected, and ready to work. The only reason I didn’t lose my mind was her coaching. She didn’t let my mind run away with the pain, or let me “lose” the breathing, which would have lead to the contractions being a million times worse. After a 36 hour labor, nearing the end, I was so tired and so overwhelmed, not knowing when it would end. But at the start of every contraction, Barbara’s voice and coaching made me get through each minute. She was a tremendous help to my husband who was there the whole time. He might have been way over his head alone. And while he helped me in one way, Barbara’s voice and coaching, and knowledge of what was happening, kept me sane. And the only thing I can say about that, is that it’s worth a million dollars when you’re in that battle. She is a must, and a total love. Wish I could say more, but ran out of space!”

Adriana Melisa

“Barbara was an incredible birthing partner for my wife and a great support for me, before, during and after the birth of our first child.  She was very communicative prior to the birth and was able to fulfill our expectations completely.  Our daughter came 3 weeks early on a holiday weekend, and, if my memory serves correct, Barbara canceled her holiday plans to be on call (even though our daughter’s early arrival was very unexpected).  We went to the hospital at 2am (for the second time) and were admitted as my wife had progressed to the point where they felt it necessary.  Barbara drove down as soon as she heard and never left our side throughout the whole 8 hours of active labor.  She was imperative in helping my wife through hours of strong surges/contractions, guiding her through her breathing techniques which was a tremendous help in helping my wife birth naturally, the way she had envisioned.  Without her, it would have been a very different situation.  Her sacrifice, care and dedication to us really helped.  Barbara also took awesome pictures of our daughter immediately after birth and other bonding moments between my wife and I shortly before.  The book she made for us was a real treat, and we are so happy to have it.  Barbara has been a tremendous help, and we are very grateful to have had her in our lives and throughout this milestone.”

David Nassi

“Barbara was a huge help during my daughter’s birth. I couldn’t have done it without her. Her energy is so calming and reassuring. She coached me through the breathing and I only had to push for 35 minutes before my daughter was born. My husband was little help, so I was really glad that I had someone with training and experience that was there just for me. She supported me all through the process with education, resources, hand and foot massages during labor and even came over to check on me after the birth. I would highly recommend Barbara.”

Jen Carter

“I am so grateful that Barbara Templeton was my doula for the birth of my first child, Silas, who was born in September of 2015.  Barbara’s calm and loving nature offered invaluable support to me throughout my labor and in the hours after Silas’s arrival.  As I opted for natural childbirth, I cannot express how important this was in helping me better navigate the unpredictable and, at times, deeply challenging process.  She helped make it one of the best days of my life.”

“In addition to being a doula, Barbara is a highly experienced yoga teacher.  She fuses her stress-alleviating wisdom into her work as a birth partner.  This helped me find new depths of strength and self-belief every step along the way.  While I’m not planning on having a second child tomorrow, I definitely intend to use Barbara’s services when the time has come!”

Sophie Herbert Slater

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