I’ll be your guide on the Learning Path. My constant attention and interaction with you and your child sets our course. As partners, we’ll work together every step of the way.

Steps Along the Learning Path

  • step 1 Let’s collaborate to determine your child’s needs
  • step 2 Initial assessments and sharing results
  • step 3 Developing our individualized plan
  • step 4 Implementing our plan with continuous feedback along the way
  • step 5 Constant checking for progress along the path
  • step 6 Revising our plan as goals are mastered
  • step 7 Celebrating success and learning from your child!


Barbara’s approach to tutoring our son was customized to his learning style and he excelled. He looked forward to seeing her every week and he left the school year with an A+ in math and also scored extremely high on his standardized exams. We thought we’d see great results and truly received phenomenal results! You can invest your money in many different ways, but there’s no better way than investing in your child. She outperformed the stock market by leaps and bounds!
-Irene Caldwell

Barbara offers the winning combination of experience and adaptability. She understands the importance of using a variety of programs to foster growth in a child’s education and as a result helps to build a positive self-image for your child.
– Rorie

I would like to thank Barbara for working with my son Seth. She has truly been a tremendous help for us. Barbara has done a great job with her summer program and my son has excelled in such a brief time. We will continue to work with her as she guides me with my son’s education. We are working hand in hand with the school for my son’s future, as a team.
Thank you so much and God bless,
– Iysha

Barbara is much more than a “tutor”. She has insight into the “whole” student, and with that insight she is able to guide the student to unimaginable gains, as well as an enjoyment of academic subjects that were once loathed. On a personal note, Barbara has tutored both my son and daughter with amazing success. My daughter had medical issues which inhibited her learning, including many basic math foundations. We strongly felt that our daughter had the ability to succeed in math but were not able to find a way to help her achieve that success. Barbara was a Godsend. She not only saw the same potential in our daughter, but she showed our daughter her own potential, which led to a confidence we had yet to witness in her. With Barbara’s help, our daughter mastered multiplication facts in 6 months- an accomplishment that previous individuals did not deem possible. Having Barbara as a tutor for our children was a life changing experience for our entire family- one we will never forget and for which we are truly grateful.
-Jim & Kristy

I contacted Barbara when my seven year old son began having problems in math. Barbara has been so patient and positive with him, that he enjoys spending an hour each week with her. We have not only seen progress with math, but also in his confidence! She has also incorporated some yoga with him each week to help him learn how to channel all his energy. We are so glad that we found Barbara!
– Maria

Mrs. Templeton encourages my children to work hard and stay focused. While helping them with their reading, she is patient, sweet and kind. Both my boys enjoy seeing Mrs. Templeton each week. I have seen a great improvement with both of their reading and comprehension skills. Many thanks to Mrs. Templeton.
– Suzanne Falowski